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The .org domain name doesn't always mean that something is credible. Here are several examples of .org websites that you probably shouldn't be relying upon for your information.

The purpose of this list is to showcase just how widely use the the .org domain name really is. While in many cases, the .org domain name is actually being used by a genuinely credible organization, there are also many instances where the .org website truly wouldn't stand muster as a credible source. Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. If you find any other notable examples of .org websites that aren't exactly the most credible sources, feel free to reach out to me via email so I can update this list.

Sketchy Sites:

Name URL Category Description
National Socialist Movement Hate The website for neo-nazi hate group the National Socialist Movement. More Info
Act for America Hate Politically-motivated website promoting racist and bigoted viewpoints More Info
White House (.org) Satire Fabulous Classy Shit for Non-Losers Only! More Info
Flat Earth Society Conspiracy The Earth is not actually flat, and you should not believe that this is the case simply because this URL has .org in it More Info
Addicting Info Fake News A highly-partisan, left-leaning website that creates and publishes fake news articles. More Info
Immediate Safety Fake News A highly-partisan, right-leaning website that creates and publishes fake news articles. More Info
Bullshit News Satire News For Your Brain, Not For Your Heart More Info
911Truth Conspiracy A collection of false information and conspiracy theories about September 11, 2001 More Info
Stormfront Forum A forum for racists, bigots, and white nationalists (not mutually exclusive categories) More Info
Educate Yourself Conspiracy A simple website outlining a ton of various conspiracy theories. More Info
4chan Forum The hate machine of the internet. More Info
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